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Indoor Products

Glux's IDsn,TVsn and MOtn series products are the indoor LED screens independently developed by Glux, they not only have high-definition and high-precision image quality, but also can display dynamic images and characters, whose long-distance resolution ratio is very high.

Outdoor Products

Glux's LED ODsn series and BAtn series products are their independently
developed outdoor LED screens, which are made of carbon fiber materials.
They are ultra-light and ultra-thin.

Customized Products

The excellent quality, stability and a variety of wonderful creativity, as well as many other advantages of Glux’s customized LED products fully reflect the excellent quality of the products of Glux.

Matching Products

Glux’s LED ancillary products apply to all of their screens. The power distributor supplies
power to LED screens, the main control and signal distributor transmit signals of video
from computer to LED screens.


BEln series product is a linear display product with firm structure and bright colors. Its light weight and high strength are the highlights; the weight per unit is only nearly 120g. The free-to-bend feature enables the assembling of arbitrary curved display surface.

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