“Jin” leads to “Li”, “Li” results in “Xiang” –Jin Li Xiang (Glux)

“Jin” which means “Gold” in Chinese, stands for the first-rate products and services, as well as eternity.

“Li” refers to the company’s stable and smooth process of growth.

“Xiang” means that the corporate continuously pursues services and products of higher level, and assumes greater social responsibility to a bigger extent.

Glux, with its keen sense in this industry, the strong R&D team, along with the brand-new design philosophy, successfully launched a series of first-rate light, thin, transparent, stage visual effect products with "goldlike" quality. All of the products are extensively applied in many cultural events like cultural performance, sport games and commercial events etc. 

Glux established a great work and set the highest standard in the industry; it successfully started the performance visual effects industry, which is a newly emerged culture industry segment that integrates creative technology into the cultural field. With the excellent creative team and the creative ideas, Glux has led to vigorous development of the industry, and has become a leading enterprise in the performance visual effect industry.

Glux will always be in pursuit of excellent quality and set it as the starting point to build an international brand and to make the world culture more prosperous; it bases on Asia and also radiated to Europe and America. The company will lightly dance and unfold its wings on the world stage.

Operation philosophy: Decorating the world to realize people’s dreams 

“Lighting the world” means to beautify the world with our products. By means of constant self-challenging, desire to pursuit innovation and perfection, we continuously improve our quality and service, so as to shape new image among our clients. 

“Lighting your dream” refers to using our products and service to meet and create various needs of our clients, then finally reach a satisfaction of our clients for all of their desires. We focus on listening attentively to clients’ opinions, paying attention to their demands, respecting and understanding them, emphasizing the communication between us.

“Lighting the world, lighting your dream” not only symbolizes the highest operating objective of people’s will, but also illustrates that Glux holds a perfection-pursing, constant innovative and human-oriented operation philosophy. 

 Quality policy: Starting from trivial things to pursuit excellence 

From the independent innovation of the product to the one-stop performance visual effect service system, as well as the standardized implementation process, Glux always advocates its mission of pursuing superior quality and excellent brand to perfect and improve itself by constant learning, innovation, development and conclusion.

Basing on the principle of providing superior products and service, as well as the customer-oriented principle, Glux has established the meticulous and down-to-earth working spirit. 

Glux is endowed with responsibility and power by its stable innovative design team, self-contained manufacturing team, enthusiastic service team, as well as the rich experience over years. Glux holds the philosophy that “Ideas create Innovation” to improve the service content, and improve the service quality on the basis of “Down-to-earth working spirit”.  “Starting from trivial things to pursuit excellence” is our permanent quality principle. Nowadays, Glux is rapidly developing into an international first-rate enterprise and an industrial top brand name with leading technology, creative products, broad market and exquisite service. 

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